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Yoga exercise is a series of coordinated exercise, breathing  and relaxation technics to keep healthy. This can be done at almost any place and does not require many things to help you. You only need a mart and follow directions. Link is here to click. Click here.

However, yoga is done sometimes by individuals alone at home or by a group. Therefore, this depends on individual preference .

Types of Yoga exercise

Which Yoga is good for health? There are several kinds of yoga exercises and some of these are …Most yoga exercise are good for health or they are tipped towards improving the health of people who use them. There is yoga for general body health as well as yoga for different parts of the body. For instance, yoga for the lower back helps to strengthen and improve blood flow to the back. There is yoga for hand and leg muscles and flexibility. There is even yoga for the head and the eyes.


There are several items and accessories for practicing yoga exercise. A good example is giving through amazon prime as shown :


Balancing Pad:

This is a cushion from maintaining balance and posture during strenuous exercise involving difficult poses in yoga, pilates and other exercises.


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Yoga stretch exercise:

This is 15 to 30 minute exercise that can be done at home or the gym. However , you can purchase it at very affordable price or watch it for free with amazon prime. 


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Yoga fitness Ball :

Big 37″ Stability Exercise Yoga Workout Exercising Work Out Gym Fitness Ball




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Benefits of Yoga exercise

Yoga has several benefits, for example, it helps to relieve stress from the body.  Moreover, it improves blood flow throughout the body and this help. As a result, of this more oxygen is carried to important parts of the body such as the brain. Therefore, we can say that yoga can improve brain function and there is actual proof that this is true.

Yoga is also good for balancing and muscle coordination. This is useful for everyone however, sports and athletic professionals need this to prepare for events. Example of this include gymnastics, tennis, and swimming and diving but all sports personnel or professional need to use it.

Some of the top benefits of yoga are as follows;


Muscle coordination

Improved brain activity

Good vision

Stress relief


Body flexibility



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